Good credit, bad credit, foreclosure, bankruptcy? Not a problem! Whether you have money to invest or have no money, you cannot afford to miss one of these FREE Life Changing Real Estate Investing Workshops for First Time Buyers & Investors! No experience necessary! You can do this part time, full time or anytime. Come learn how you can make $30,000 cash in the next 30 days. We guarantee that no one else teaches what we teach you and we can prove it! There has never been a better time to make money with Real Estate!

A successful, wealthy SoCal Resident & Real Estate Investor will teach you his Secrets to:

  • Quickly Find, Fund, Fix & Flip San Diego Properties using our Asset Based Private Investors Money
  • Instantly find the best deals on your Smart Phone
  • Analyze the profitability of a Real Estate Deal in less than 2 minutes
  • Get Wholesale Properties direct from weak lenders on the FDIC watch list
  • Make Money Now with Fast Fixer Uppers, Qualified Short Sales & Motivated Sellers
  • Get Free Money from the Government to rehab a property and sell if for Big Profits
  • Make Easy Profits with Wholesale Houses, Cars, Boats & Jewelry from Government Auctions not advertised to the general public
  • Safely earn up to 28% or more per year on your savings & retirement accounts
  • Create a $100,000 cash cushion or more and a residual income you can retire on!
  • Fire Your Boss and Achieve Real Financial Freedom & Security for your family
  • Never again be dependent on a job, the government, pension or social security
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